Motivation Monday 

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, tafe has taken up a fair amount of time! So here’s a little motivation for this week! 

Don’t let opportunity go to waste. Everyday is a new beginning, and it’s a chance to change some aspect of your existence in this world.

I’m down to the very last week of the Dual Diploma of Business and Business Administration at Tafe. I finally feel like I’ve accomplished something by sticking to my guns and getting it done. There’s nothing I can’t do if I put my mind to it and stick it out. So many times I wanted to give up, but my husband made me work through it. It’s been hard, but seeing the finish line now makes it all worth while. Who knew at the beginning of this year I was going to accomplish this much?

Don’t waste your days stuck in a repetitive cycle no matter what it is, seize the day and change it! Make it better for yourself!


Saturday Night Motivation

It’s been a fairly quiet week. Study has been manic, and to be quite honest… Crap.

It’s been a pretty disheartening experience. I think I’d be better off just studying online. I learn more when I’m doing it myself. But that shouldn’t be that way should it? I don’t know. I have to keep saying to myself that it’s only until June. The year is flying and before you know it it’ll be graduation and starting a business!

If I can give any advice, it will be this. Just keep going. Don’t look back and keep working until you succeed. Prove the negative wrong. Just don’t stop!

Feeling Unmotivated

We all should be working toward something that will better our lives in every way! It’s been almost a month since I started the Dual Diploma, and I’m really struggling with it all. My motivation has gone out the window.

It probably doesn’t help that I’m not well. I have to think about the end goal, what I am going to get out of it. And it’s all falling into place. I just have to get my head out of the fog it’s currently in.

Exciting Times Ahead!


This week has been eventful! Tuesday I had Orientation Day at TAFE, even though my anxiety nearly ruined it for me I persisted and came good in no time. I start on my study journey next Monday, and will be finishing in June, and graduating not long after that! I’m super excited!

The husband and I are de-cluttering our home at the moment, and we’re selling things, throwing things away, donating them to charity and all that good stuff… I can’t wait until the kerbside pickup – he demolished our big old bulky desk today and made way for our small and sleek new one we picked up cheap yesterday (a little something for me starting a dual diploma)!

I feel really good about what is ahead, and I just need to keep that positivity in mind throughout the next 6 months! It feels good to just downsize, de-clutter and brighten your life!

Enjoy your Friday and your weekend wherever you are and whatever you choose to do!

Sunday Afternoon


I’ve had a bit of a hard time in my head lately. I think that the cause of the issue is that I am starting college in the next couple of weeks, and orientation for college is coming up next week (EEEK). So as much as I am excited to be going ahead with one of the life changing decisions that I made last year, the anxiety is back in full force. I know that when I get to the day and I am there in the thick of it I will be fine, I have to push myself through the anxiety and negative feelings (along with that annoying voice in my head telling me not to do it because I will fail) that come along with it. I learnt that very thing in therapy, you have to push through it and prove yourself wrong.

So, to the voice in my head, the negative feelings/thoughts and to the anxiety I have, I am going to prove you wrong! This also goes out to the people who thought I would fail, will fail, or am failing…

And to all of you who are going through a similar situation, where people try to make you fail for whatever reason, or if it’s the negative voices in your head telling you you’re a failure, PROVE THEM WRONG! Don’t let something hold you back, all you can do is try!


Hope you all are having a fab weekend!

Thursday, Thursday, Thursday!

Can’t wait for next year to begin! I’ll be in full prep mode for going to TAFE (College)! All so very exciting!

I often wonder if what I’ve decided is the right thing to do, and in all honesty, I think it’s going to be good for me in the long run! This is an exciting time to be alive, regardless of what else is going on! So long as the positivity remains, I can do anything!

Have you ever thought about what you were going to do when you hit a crossroad? Or if you have, what did you choose to do?

Sunday Night!

It’s been a couple of days since I posted a blog… I thought I’d be writing everyday, but alas I haven’t!

I’ve really been going over in my mind what I wanted to do in the new year, trying to get out of this brain fog, and I really am leaning more toward studying on campus full-time. The relative con to doing this will be that instead of being just the 1 diploma, it will be a back-to-back/combo diplomas, so it could be a bit of a stressful time, but… From past experiences of online study, for me it’s really stressful and it’s so freaking easy to get sidetracked! So I think if I am going on campus, I think it’ll be a better option for me. Plus as I’ve already passed 3 of the units listed in the course outline I won’t have to do them which frees up time for me for work! Yeah… That’s a good idea!!

Tonight my LBJ and I have been organising food for Christmas, this time we’re planning on being prepared by having meal ideas listed (I’ve started a new board on Pinterest), hoping this week we will have ordered what we need online and get it delivered before the rush, and I’m going to be looking at ideas for decorating as we’ve only got the tree up and we can’t really plaster decorations all over the walls (as we are renting).

Time for me to sign off, it’s time for bed!!!

Hope you’re all having or have had a great weekend!!!!