I’m Just Gonna Leave This Here….

This above quote is spot on.

I’m all for using social media platforms to express your emotions, creativity and all that awesome stuff… But airing your “dirty laundry” – well that is something COMPLETELY different!!! This has been something I have chosen not to talk about for as long as I have been on any social media sites, particularly Facebook. So this is something I’ve truly thought long and hard about. It’s something I’ve felt the need to open up and talk about as quite frankly, enough is enough.

When you air your grievances publicly about a person who you are seemingly close to (like a partner, family member, friend, etc), you are painting a bad light around them. And when people see/heard what you have said, without listening to the other side, the people will side with you, because lets face it… You’re the one who has to put up with what this person has done to annoy you or upset you or made you angry, right? It’s bad enough that you’ve done this to someone you say you love/like, but surely it makes people wonder WHY you did this and HAVE YOU SPOKEN TO THAT MENTIONED person?

Let’s just put it like this, I’m happily married and have been in a relationship with my husband for nearly 10 years. In that time, there has been no reason to air negative things or “dirty laundry” publicly because he and I COMMUNICATE! Communication is key in all aspects of life. In my honest opinion, if you resort to airing your “dirty laundry” on social media, you and the person you’re not happy with are not successfully communicating and resolving your differences in private. If it gets heated, remove yourself from that situation, calm down and revisit it when you’re both okay to do so.

Please, for the love of all things that are great with you and that person, don’t make them out to be bad when there is no need for it! You’re making a mountain out of an ant hill!
Have a wonderful week and HAPPY EASTER to you all!


Sunday Afternoon


I’ve had a bit of a hard time in my head lately. I think that the cause of the issue is that I am starting college in the next couple of weeks, and orientation for college is coming up next week (EEEK). So as much as I am excited to be going ahead with one of the life changing decisions that I made last year, the anxiety is back in full force. I know that when I get to the day and I am there in the thick of it I will be fine, I have to push myself through the anxiety and negative feelings (along with that annoying voice in my head telling me not to do it because I will fail) that come along with it. I learnt that very thing in therapy, you have to push through it and prove yourself wrong.

So, to the voice in my head, the negative feelings/thoughts and to the anxiety I have, I am going to prove you wrong! This also goes out to the people who thought I would fail, will fail, or am failing…

And to all of you who are going through a similar situation, where people try to make you fail for whatever reason, or if it’s the negative voices in your head telling you you’re a failure, PROVE THEM WRONG! Don’t let something hold you back, all you can do is try!


Hope you all are having a fab weekend!

Friendship & Toxicity

Something that has been on my mind is the friendships I have had in my past, particularly with people I am no longer friends with. Sometimes I question why the friendship ended in the first place, is there any chance of reconciling in the future and will there be any gain to it? I lost some close friends, and I gained them back, and it’s been fantastic! Of course there are some where it had been overly toxic and I had to cut the ties for that very reason, toxicity… The fake facade, the back stabbing nature, and the negative influence they tried to push on to me…. I didn’t want that, I never wanted that. So I cut the ties, why on earth would you ever want that in your life?

Then after some years, they try to contact you, they want to be your friend… It’s like they realise they’ve done wrong, so you give them a chance, and then it’s the same thing! So by this point you really need to end it, so you do… It’s a one too many chances situation. Does it make you feel bad to do it? It sure as hell made me feel bad, but in the long run, I formed friendships that will last a lifetime. I have wonderful people in my little life that make me laugh, make me think, and most of all, make me feel loved and valued. The toxicity doesn’t exist in the friendships I have. Sure, the toxic people I knew sometimes try to weed their way back, but I know where I want to be, and those people do not have a place there. They never will, not again.

If you are one of the unlucky ones who has a friend who is toxic, get rid of them. You are outgrowing them and they have no place in your future.