Truth Saturday

It’s like everything really… Don’t hold yourself back… Get up and do what you want, what will make you happy! If it’s a dead end job, go find something that will make you enjoy it and move up to new heights. If it’s wanting a partner because you’ve been single for too long, don’t worry about that and just go have fun, you will find each other eventually… Travel the world, even if it means you go backpacking! Don’t just be in your little bubble and follow the path of people before you if it makes your soul hurt! Life isn’t about perfection, it’s not about following one path, it’s about LIVING! It’s about friends, family, exploring, having fun… All the great things that LIVING has to offer!!! If you’re getting married and everyone wants the big white wedding but you and your partner don’t want that at all…. ELOPE! Take it from a woman who did just that! Happy Saturday and weekend everyone!


Valentines Day!

A little bit late BUT!! Happy Valentines Day to my wonderful hubby LBJ – the best of the best! Everyday is Valentines Day with him in my life, I’m the luckiest woman in the world!! You complete me my love!!!

Happy Valentines Day to you all too!!! Wherever you are! 🌹

A Little Appreciation!

A little bit of a recent throwback and appreciation to the guy in blue!!! My husband!!! He’s kind, caring, funny, sexy and a whole bunch of other things rolled into 1 real man!!! He’s supported me throughout our entire relationship thus far, and has even allowed me to finish a dual diploma this year, with the hopes of making something out of it that’s worth while and rewarding… There’s no one else for me, you’re just it! 

I’ve been studying most of the day and thought of sharing this with you all!

Have a great Thursday!

Another One of Many Firsts…

It’s the first birthday that he’s not here… But I know he is here with us, if not – he’s drinking beer with his mates and family that he’s missed over the years. I sat in silence for a while today and thought about the time I had with him, and the time I didn’t. All the memories came flooding back, all the tears, the laughter, everything. I’m happy that the time I had with him, although not enough, was a good time. Dad taught me so much, but there was one thing I’ll take with me throughout the journey that is my life.

Be honest. Even if it’s hard, be honest to others and to yourself. The truth will set you free even if it hurts.

Happy Birthday to you Dad. I miss you, and I love you.

Sunday Night Thoughts… Feeling a Little Sad

There are no words to express how deeply saddened one can be when you hear very heartbreaking news. The death of someone close to you or close to a loved one is devastating to say the least. There is nothing that can bring the person back, nor is there much you can say to ease the pain. Is there really anything that can be said at a time like this? No, is really the answer. All you can do is be there when you’re needed, a shoulder to cry on, listen to them say whatever they need to say, or just to sit with them in silence.

I know the pain, I know it well. The more I think about it coming up to Christmas, the more it starts to really sink in. There’s only so much time you have before it really hits home.  And I’ll be hoping to be prepared for it, although I know the chances of that will be slim. It’s all a part of the process.

Today made me think more about it. And to the people who have lost someone dear recently, or at any time, you’re never alone. You are loved. You are strong even if you break down, because it is ok to do that – MORE then ok! Don’t ever think you can’t pull through the heartache, it will always be there for sure, but you will always get through no matter what happens.