Motivation Monday 

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, tafe has taken up a fair amount of time! So here’s a little motivation for this week! 

Don’t let opportunity go to waste. Everyday is a new beginning, and it’s a chance to change some aspect of your existence in this world.

I’m down to the very last week of the Dual Diploma of Business and Business Administration at Tafe. I finally feel like I’ve accomplished something by sticking to my guns and getting it done. There’s nothing I can’t do if I put my mind to it and stick it out. So many times I wanted to give up, but my husband made me work through it. It’s been hard, but seeing the finish line now makes it all worth while. Who knew at the beginning of this year I was going to accomplish this much?

Don’t waste your days stuck in a repetitive cycle no matter what it is, seize the day and change it! Make it better for yourself!


Getting Itchy Feet

I love to travel… I feel recharged everytime I go away, even if it is up the coast for a long weekend. I have the itch, but the lack of funds and tafe stops me… I just have to be patient, and hope some time soon after graduation I can travel somewhere again. You only live once, get out there and see it all!!!

Lazy-ish Weekend!

Happy Saturday people!!!

Yesterday after I finished class I finally got my hair done! I haven’t been to the hairdresser since the end of October 2016, so there was a pretty decent amount of regrowth that needed touching up! For the last year I’ve had one part of my head shaved, and I love it! So yesterday, I took the plunge and had the other side shaved! I have a lot of hair, and having it long can get really heavy.

I still cannot get over how long it has gotten! Just over 4 years ago I had a choice, go blonde or go short. At the time I was scared of going blonde more than going short… So I went short. Biggest hair mistake of my life! It has taken me all this time to get my hair to the length of I can wear it down and can grab the tips when I twist my arm around my back (just past the shoulder blades)! Yeah I could’ve done extensions while I was growing my hair, but I didn’t feel that is was overly necessary even if it was annoying!

What is your biggest hair regret?

Happy weekend loves!!! Hope it’s relaxing and fun!!!!

Exciting Times Ahead!


This week has been eventful! Tuesday I had Orientation Day at TAFE, even though my anxiety nearly ruined it for me I persisted and came good in no time. I start on my study journey next Monday, and will be finishing in June, and graduating not long after that! I’m super excited!

The husband and I are de-cluttering our home at the moment, and we’re selling things, throwing things away, donating them to charity and all that good stuff… I can’t wait until the kerbside pickup – he demolished our big old bulky desk today and made way for our small and sleek new one we picked up cheap yesterday (a little something for me starting a dual diploma)!

I feel really good about what is ahead, and I just need to keep that positivity in mind throughout the next 6 months! It feels good to just downsize, de-clutter and brighten your life!

Enjoy your Friday and your weekend wherever you are and whatever you choose to do!