Lazy-ish Weekend!

Happy Saturday people!!!

Yesterday after I finished class I finally got my hair done! I haven’t been to the hairdresser since the end of October 2016, so there was a pretty decent amount of regrowth that needed touching up! For the last year I’ve had one part of my head shaved, and I love it! So yesterday, I took the plunge and had the other side shaved! I have a lot of hair, and having it long can get really heavy.

I still cannot get over how long it has gotten! Just over 4 years ago I had a choice, go blonde or go short. At the time I was scared of going blonde more than going short… So I went short. Biggest hair mistake of my life! It has taken me all this time to get my hair to the length of I can wear it down and can grab the tips when I twist my arm around my back (just past the shoulder blades)! Yeah I could’ve done extensions while I was growing my hair, but I didn’t feel that is was overly necessary even if it was annoying!

What is your biggest hair regret?

Happy weekend loves!!! Hope it’s relaxing and fun!!!!


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