New Years Eve, A Personal Reflection

2016… A year that I and many of you will be glad to see gone from existence!

For me, as there has been in other years, many ups and downs. Although 2016 would have to be the biggest emotional roller coaster of a year I have experienced in my whole life. I learned a lot this year. I learned through therapy how I can manage my mental illness without the use of medication, I learned what family really meant when trying times were upon us, I learned that life was really too short to be stuck in a never ending negative cycle and in order to change I had to take a leap of faith with hope I’ll safely land on my feet with my wonderful amazing husband by my side, I even learned that you can never change a person – you can only change yourself.

I have given myself a new purpose for 2017, and I am excited to see what’s ahead. I have my husband, we will celebrate 10 years together and our first wedding anniversary, I have the family that mean everything to me, and I have my friends. So long as that doesn’t change, everything else will be a breeze! I don’t have any resolutions for the new year, not this time anyway, so it will be a just wing it kind of year and see what good things come of it!

Happy New Year everyone!!! May 2017 be a safe, fun and adventurous year!!!


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