Another Pondering Thursday

The Thursday before Christmas… Another Thursday well underway… And of course… Another blog.

I’ve been thinking a lot (I’ll probably be told that it’s overthinking and I should just let it go), and this week it’s been playing on my mind a lot, since it’s happened. And well… Maybe putting “pen to paper” so to speak is what I’m needing to do, to get this brain of mind clearer again.

It doesn’t take much to realise a mistake has been made, by more than one party. It really doesn’t even take much to sort out. And it really must take a lot to understand the circumstances in which why this was a mistake that unfortunately had to be made. You may think that you can’t get past it, and you may never be able to forgive… But time heals all wounds, and leaves you with a scar. There is nothing wrong with making a mistake, but if you’re going to get angry/upset because it was a mistake made by someone else, think about the reasons why it was made in the first place. Don’t break someone down because you’re hurting, you don’t know how they really feel. They’re probably going through a lot of stuff as it is, and by being childish you’re just making them feel worse.

All I ask is to be mindful… Always be mindful… And try to be understanding.


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