Sunday Night Thoughts… Feeling a Little Sad

There are no words to express how deeply saddened one can be when you hear very heartbreaking news. The death of someone close to you or close to a loved one is devastating to say the least. There is nothing that can bring the person back, nor is there much you can say to ease the pain. Is there really anything that can be said at a time like this? No, is really the answer. All you can do is be there when you’re needed, a shoulder to cry on, listen to them say whatever they need to say, or just to sit with them in silence.

I know the pain, I know it well. The more I think about it coming up to Christmas, the more it starts to really sink in. There’s only so much time you have before it really hits home.  And I’ll be hoping to be prepared for it, although I know the chances of that will be slim. It’s all a part of the process.

Today made me think more about it. And to the people who have lost someone dear recently, or at any time, you’re never alone. You are loved. You are strong even if you break down, because it is ok to do that – MORE then ok! Don’t ever think you can’t pull through the heartache, it will always be there for sure, but you will always get through no matter what happens.


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