My First Blog Post!

My first ever blog post!


Wow! My first ever blog post! This is something I never thought I would ever do! Where do I start? Hmm… You know what, I will start by giving a brief introduction!

Ok, here it goes…

My name is Kerry, but you can call me KC! I’m a 31 year old plus-size Australian woman residing in the lovely sunny state of Queensland, Australia (but South Australia born and raised), I’ve recently married the love of my life after 9+ wonderful years together, and whilst I am trying to figure out what the hell I am going to do (other than being a housewife of course) with my career (I quit my job of 9+ years right before I got married), I decided I would look at blogging to document my thoughts, experiences and all that jazz in the hope that it helps me realise what I really want to do! Maybe my experiences throughout my life up to this point and beyond may help others and if it does, then AWESOME!!!

I’m so new to all this it’s crazy, but I do hope you will all bare with me over time as I learn and get better at this!

See, now I think I’m rambling on so I am going to go and try to rearrange the loungeroom! Ha!

Cheers! KC.img_5103

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